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It is against the law in Canada to sell a dog as Pure Bred if you cannot trace it's heritage and cannot be registered with a registering organization such as the CKC. My first 3 dogs were Chip and Dale and our first girl Lulu. I did not see their parents, and did not have CKC registration papers for them " so their offspring even 20 years later bred to CKC dogs still cannot be considered Pure Bred. . So my unregistered dogs are not registered because their heritage and lineage can never be traced. They only can be traced back to our Lulu and Chip and Dale. So unlike our CKC registered dogs who's heritage can be traced back to the original Shih Tzu and can be registered with a certificate  showing their " Pure bred" Heritage, this is not possible with our unregistered puppies.  

Jolene and Brown Sugar had 6 beautiful puppies on Dec the 16th 2017, All puppies spoken for. Summer litters planned with 2 of our unregistered girls . Penny and Pebbles , it will be their first litters.

Our unregistered girls above top left, Pebbles, chocolate girl. #2 right Jolene, gold and white. #3 left Penny. mostly white with a bit of brown on her face and ears. #4 Pebbles. #5 Black and White " Elizabeth" nick name " Little Bit.All our girls are between 9 and 13 lbs.

Reba has been bred to Brown Sugar Puppies due March 2018 Taking applications. 

Reba as a puppy and Reba as an adult. 11lbs Reba Ashton Summer 2017 Puppies below her photo.

 Reba's pups 2017

I don't think there is enough room to include all our beautiful babies, but here are a few .

Some of our unregistered puppies

I started out with un-registered Shih Tzu and kept a boy many years ago and then I kept another boy, these boys went on to breed with several of my registered girls and I kept a couple of those , this way I can offer you some of the best unregistered Shih Tzu . I still offer a 5 year Health Guarantee because I know my dogs and I know they are all in great shape and cared for and receive great vet care and regular shots.

My pricing for my un-registered is 1000 dollars " They received their 1st set of shots, are micro chipped and come with a 5 year Health Guarantee, as well as 6 weeks of insurance.