ChipandDale Shih Tzus

Loving, smart and georgeous small breed Dogs

Jolene " has been bred to Brown Sugar a repeat breeding from 2016 , little boy to the right below was from that litter. Jolene and Brown Sugar had beautiful babies. 

Our unregistered girls above top left, Pebbles, chocolate girl. #2 right Jolene, gold and white. #3 left Penny. mostly white with a bit of brown on her face and ears. #4 Pebbles. #5 Black and White " Elizabeth" nick name " Little Bit.All our girls are between 9 and 13 lbs.

I don't normally keep un-registered males, I have some very nice Registered boys I breed to my unregistered girls, but I could not help myself I kept this little Cutie to the right " Name Cody" and Below Cody, as an adult.

Reba has been bred to Ashton Reba Had 4 beautiful girls on July the 22nd. All spoken for " list full" Reba will be bred next spring/summer.

Reba as a puppy and Reba as an adult. 11lbs Reba Ashton Summer 2017 Puppies below her photo.

 Reba's pups 2017

I don't think there is enough room to include all our beautiful babies, but here are a few .

Some of our unregistered puppies

I started out with un-registered Shih Tzu and kept a boy many years ago and then I kept another boy, these boys went on to breed with several of my registered girls and I kept a couple of those , this way I can offer you some of the best unregistered Shih Tzu . I still offer a 5 year Health Guarantee because I know my dogs and I know they are all in great shape and cared for and receive great vet care and regular shots.

My pricing for my un-registered is 800 dollars " They received their 1st set of shots, are micro chipped and come with a 5 year Health Guarantee.