ChipandDale Shih Tzus

Loving, smart and georgeous small breed Dogs

Meeting us, and meeting our family!!!

We have had many families over the years come and visit and meet us and our dogs, and our horses. I am sure the photos will show that. I love company, and most of all I love showing off our dogs and our horses. This leads me to ask " Please" read my site, not just chipanddales, but our horse site.

ChipandDales Website was done up by me many years ago, I did it up to show off my dogs that I am very proud of. It's not a professionally done up site, it was not meant to be. I try to update it as new puppies come along and new families come into our lives. The last thing I want to do though is change it , because that would also change why I started doing this, and my older photos would have to be taken down. The words I wrote and my feelings on my babies would be gone.  I love seeing Chip and Dale every time I come to my site. I also like to read what I wrote about them, it brings me back to the time they were here, and brings tears to my eyes remembering , but good tears knowing there will always be a hole in my heart because I miss them still sooooo very much. That will never change. I occasionally breed a couple of my ShihTzu, this is to me a hobby. Not a hobby like knitting or collecting antiques, a hobby occasionally breeding decedents of my first loves.  It's not a business. I started to breed Shih Tzu because I love this breed, I started to breed Shih Tzu because I love Chip and Dale, and this is their legacy and what they have meant to me, and my hope in breeding occasionally is so others can be as happy as I am to be fortunate   enough to have chosen such a wonderful , loving , and smart little dog . Its the law in New Brunswick that anyone who breeds even one litter a  year, has to have a kennel license.  We do not have a kennel , our dogs are our family and live with us. Which brings me to you and your visit with us. We are a WORKING FARM, we raise rare and endangered Morgan Horses; lines that trace back to the first Morgan horse. As a working farm, we are up early and in bed early. We do not take days off, our horses are our business. So coming to visit us to inspect a kennel I do not have??? And meet me and us and our dogs. Yes it's possible , many people come to visit, when we have an available litter of puppies. So I ask you to please respect our lifestyle and respect the fact that we are up early each day to care for our horses and farm and the  many aspects of what that entails. Each hour is accounted for , there is rarely any time to sit and chat over tea, unless you have made an appointment. When someone pulls in our driveway and I am off feeding or caring for the horses this alone takes away from that time of day when I need to get things done. When you come and I spend 20 min with you just chatting, that is 20 min the horses are waiting for their supper. Or the dogs want to go out in the yard. Or I had planned to bath and groom one or two that day.  Visits  happens when I have a litter of puppies available only. You will not only then get to meet me and all our dogs, but even our horses. Please enjoy our farm website