Summer 2011 Our dogs Summer 2011 Our dogs This is Angel Tubby like mummy and retired 137885415 Sandra Up and coming mate for Sebastian 137885416 Lilly with her previous boy Peter Peter is now Max! Loved my Joan and Bob 137885417 Beau Beau is our 7 year old Boy, who is fixed and he is Chip and Lulu's son. 137885418 Elizabeth Liz is also 7 and she is neutered and is Chip and Lulu's daughter. 137885419 Art Freddie and Peter Visiting my sister in Nova Scotia, guess what is for supper 137885420 Our old girl Lulu We don't usually go anywhere with out her. 137885421 Sandy older and turning into a real beauty. 137885422 137885423 Freddie Freddie is Dale and Lulu's son. Freddie is 8 years old . Freddie is also Daddy to many of our Previous puppys 137885424 Sebastian Doing what he does best, sitting on the armrest of my bench, he is always trying to keep himself near me and away from anyone else. Except Freddie, they are joined at the hip. 137885425 Sebastian He must be trying to make his way to his spot, because he is not a puppy person even if they are his grandkids 137885426 Katherine Katie Bug as I call her. She is out of Freddie and Sassy 137885427 Freddie Art and Dailey behind Art 137885428 Freddie 137885429 Josephine and Sassy Josephine is out of Freddie and Sassy. 137885430 Josephine 137885431