ChipandDale Shih Tzu 

Loving, smart and georgeous small breed Dogs

See, " Present Litter page for 2 available non registered Shih Tzu boys " born " Feb, 10th 2020 from Our chocolate girl Pebbles and our Chocolate and white boy Sandy. 

Because our dogs and puppies are our family. I am never in a hurry to let them go. Even though my dogs have run of the house and sleep in our beds, I still like to make sure the puppies are crate trained, and as close to being house trained as possible before they leave. " They have to understand"

I am here 24/7 but that isn't always possible for many familes, so crate training is not only a very good way of training your dog to be house trained it also is a safe place for them if you need to go out for an hour or two.

Crate training makes it easier to take your puppy to the Vet. Take on a trip.  Dogs don't normally mess in their beds. So first thing in the moring they are eager to get out and of course where do we want them to go??? I teach my dogs to go outside. I never train them on pee pads first. I don't want to confuse them. When they are young and have their accidents I have doggie blankets all over for that. Just scoop them up and throw in the wash.

I had big dogs before Shih Tzu and that is the same way I train them. Our puppys are used to being outside right away!! Even in the winter and they love it!!! I have a doggie door and they are in and all all day.

I don't get them used to being outside so you can tie them to your back step and leave them there. NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!!

I get them used to it because they love to be out and they love to play. What better place to be with your little Shih Tzu, both enjoying the fresh air and quality time together in your yard.

My puppies are also used to baths right away !! They get their weekly baths on Sundays and this includes their ears being cleaned and also doing their nails. This is a great way to teach them to stand, sit and stay. This is quality time with them , my guys sit in the sink and many just lay right out and enjoy!!! They get used to being combed and brushed and the gentle sound of a small blow dryer. 

Our Shih Tzus eat nothing but quality puppy food and dog food.  I use Acana, its a special blend of dog food made by a Company in Alberta, they use only ingredients that they can raise and fish. No by-products . The ingredients they use is Canadian Governement Inspected for Human Consumpion. Acana is also grain free, and low in carbohydrates.

I also cook for my dogs, they get a good supply of healthy protein, found in Liver, Kidney, Heart etc. Also adding vegetables  to their kibbles. This not only gives them a good healthy diet, but they love their food.

After the Death of our Wonderful Beautiful Beswick Sebastian, I was forced to re-evaluate the Vet care all my dogs had received . I walked out that day knowing " I would never be back" I could never again look that Vet in the eye after trusting him for almost 10 years. Sebastian Died on Dec,the 21st 2015. Through several visits to other Vets I finally found a wonderful clinic and a couple of really swell Vets , a young couple who seem to just have what it takes " Old enough to not let their duty become complacent and young enough so they are always learning and open to try new and better ways. Thank you Home Town Vet for being my Vet of choice for all our wonderful babies. I trust you with their Care and I would hope anyone in the Fredericton , Chipman area will as well.


Chip and Dales Brown Sugar.