ChipandDale Shih Tzu 

Loving, smart and georgeous small breed Dogs

CKC Beswicks's Sebastian.  Sebastian's Breeder Pat Waters is well respected all over the world. She has produced and is still producing many of the worlds top Shih Tzu. Sebastian's pedigree available on request.

Sebastian is my beautiful 10   year old boy he is a lovely honey blond boy and he is  liver. Sebastian is now retired , but I have retained his grandson CKC's ChipandDale's Bronsons Classic out of Heaven Sent Dailey and Watch me Shine Lilly and 2 daughters  CKC's Witchy Woman Sebrina and CKC's Watch me Shine Lilly to carry on this wonderful line.

 " Nona" Sebastian's Mom "AM.CAN. Champion Beswicks It Must be a Pleasure"

 Sebastian's Dad "AM.CAN Champion Beswicks Mistro"


Sebastian has turned into a big suck, follows me everywhere and sleeps on my pillow. The closer he can be to me the happier he is. And he loves to be kissed and likes to occassionally rough house but only with me.

It must be his wonderful breeding but he thinks he is a king around here, and only plays with Freddie but it is only on his terms. Mostly he lets Freddie lick his face or clean his ears. While all this is going on he is acting like he is doing Freddie a favor allowing him the pleasure!!!

He thinks he is too good for anyone else to play with, and he also does not like to go out and get his feet wet for a pee.

Sebastian also does not like to get dirty. He loves his baths and trims and any form of grooming so he can go show off to the others.

Sebastian is an amazing boy, who is also a shit disturber. I remember when I first brought him home and put him down on the lawn so my neigbour could pet him. He was only 8 weeks old, but as a car drove by. He took off like to chase it!!! Where did such a young dog learn that? I know Pat may have had him outside before 8 weeks old but it would have been no where near cars. To this day if a car goes by he starts his little run, but it is only to get the other guys going he stops once they are all past him.

And it is a good thing they all listen to me, they don't get far and we are quite aways off the road.

And as amazing as it is. Sebastian has taken on a few of Dale's old likes, habbits etc. He is the last dog that I ever imagined being so much like Dale.  He is no relation to him.

It is almost like he remembers how Dale and I were together and he wants to make me happy. Sebastian was not 2 when Dale died.

Sebastian loves our horses and runs out to the fence every chance he gets. He has learned to stay on this side of the fence, and not to bark and chase. So he goes over there and shows his butt and slowly turns around and he gets nose to nose with them. Mostly the little 2 year old filly that is also just as curious about him.

Dale loved horses!! When we lived in Ontario and being from a small community  you would see a horse and buggy go down the street occassionly and  Dale would run after it. He almost seemed obsessed by horses. Dale passed away our 2nd year here, so he never did get to see the ones we now own.