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Finding a reputable Breeder

If you look at the door you will see a note, that note is for if I need to go out , it list where the dogs can be found in our home and an emergency numbers " How to locate us"


I am very pleased when people who are interested in one of our puppies ask Questions. There is no question that I will not answer and I am pleased by the care and concern you are taking by asking them.

I have all the medical records for you to see for all of my dogs and puppies. I also have all the pedigrees for all my registered dogs for you to see.

I have quite a few dogs that are fixed, and no I do not find homes for the moms , once I have had them fixed. They are our pets , why would I find them homes???

I do not mind , and even hope you will ask lots of questions. But what I do mind is someone having such a narrow mind that after reading all the rules they assume we breeders are all in this as a business. Many of us aren't. Many of us just breed a litter or two a year, because we love the breed. And love puppies.

If you have gone to the CKC site and have read over the golden rules and questions regarding purcashing a puppy from a reputable breeder this is a good thing.

But!!!!! And this is a big But!!!


I hope you are intellegent enough to realize that the CKC also is there for Pet Business and that means a place where you can go where the animals are in cages in barns and in a area outside the home . They do not live with the family.

Here at ChipandDale Shih Tzus are Shih Tzu are in our home they sleep in our beds, so please don't ask me to show you our bedroom. Our sheets like yours get washed once a week.

The dogs here have access to the whole house , they have a dog crate in the bathroom for the ones that get scared of the lighting, a quiet place secure when this is going on.

They also have doggie beds all over the house and they also lay on the backs of our couches and sometimes even the coffee table. We have little doggie chairs all over the place for the smaller ones who can't jump up on the furniture quite yet or prefer not to.

I also do not have a machine to prove to you that your pet has had his or her micro-chip. That proof is the Vet certificate you will receive when you purchase your pet. There is a bar code. This is the same bar-code I use to individually register each puppy, they all have their very own number.

I also do not dock, crop or cut anything but their nails and sometimes the hair on their face if need be as well as the hair on the pads of their feet.

I also do not give my dogs their shots, the Vet does that. I believe all our dogs deserve to see the Vet once a year for a regular check up " Who else could I trust to help me raise healthy dogs" My Vet.

And the puppies get to meet and see him too, and that is the only person who gives needles or any medical care they might need.

I know I would save lots of money if I did all this myself, many breeders do, but I am not a Vet and I think it's important that they get looked after by a Vet before leaving here and that means their shots and a check up and anything else they might need. My decision to breed has nothing to do with Money!!! Any money made from a puppy or two goes right back into their care, wheather it be their good food. Their Vet care , or mico-chips or regsitration etc. My wash machine never stops so the laudry soap, the grooming tools , the toys etc, etc, etc.

This is not a business for my husband and I. We are just  two people who love Shih Tzus who late in life made a drastic change in our home situtuation and left Ontario and bought an old house in the country with 100 Acres and nothing else. We have since expanded on our dogs and we also raise Morgan Horses and Quarter Horses. We are living our dreams late in life, but we  are living them.

 So please have an open mind , if you don't see cages stacked on top of one another in perfect rows with gleaming barn floors and instead, see many Shih Tzu lined up at the fence or windows then maybe,  just maybe we are not a business, just maybe we are just Shih Tzu Lovers!!!!

Hubby coming home from work