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Why a " Contract" ?


Why a Contract??? And why should you even care?? I know I have heard it all . This is my dog, I paid for it and I'll do as I dam well please !!

When I was a young girl growing up and even later in life to get a dog was nothing. You'd show up and as long as you had the money you were never so much asked if you had a home to bring this dog to.

I saw those dogs when I was a little girl  and I  still do as  50 plus grown woman. It makes me sick!!!. Tied to a tree so far from the house you wonder who is this poor little guy is protecing from there. 

Jumping and barking so crazy when the owner gets home they really only want a smile or a little kiss.

Any one who has ever loved a dog knows what it is like to see these poor animals being neglected and uncared for. Bought with no thought of their future.

I don't really believe it is so wrong of us who do care to ask you sign a contract. And what that means is that you are at least seeing in black and white all that lies ahead . I am trying to get you to ask yourself some very important questions. Because in my quest to make sure I have done my part to breed you the healtiest and most lovable little dog that will be with you for a very long time. I also hope you are ready for the responsiblity.

If you don't believe in Contracts, " PLEASE BUY FROM SOMEONE ELSE"


 This is not what I had in mind when I decided to breed these little creatures.

I will only speak for myself here, but deciding to breed these wonderful little dogs was not a decision I made so I could make money. As funny as that may sound to many.

These little guys bring so much joy, so much love and are just the most increadable little dogs," How could I not want someone else to have one?" 

And selfishly I get to keep another one if I so choose to.

But breeding also comes with a lot of torment too. Worry about the Mom,  worry about the puppies, and then the hardest part is wondering if you made the right choice when finding their homes. I want to believe all my decisions were good ones, but were they??

So when I ask you to sign a contract and keep in touch with me. It's not that I am trying to boss you around and make you phone me. It's because I really just want to know that this little boy or girl is doing well. And because it is an extended part of my family. Yes , I wouldn't mind a picture once in awhile.

Do I know the dog is yours? Of course I do. But I also want to feel that by picking you and listening to my Gut, that you were the right person for this little angel.

They have always been Gods gift to me and I really want to treat each one of them as he would. With love and concern for the best possible future. Not one tied to a tree, or sitting in an shelter because someone didn't "THINK"