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 I sailed for almost 30 years of my life on the Great Lakes Cargo ships and during those years met a lot of wonderful people who I occasionally hear from. I was especially trilled when Karen a former co-worker and her husband Tony also a former co-worker contacted me for one of our puppies.  They had a long way to go being in Ontario to get one of our puppies, and I know they could have got one from somewhere else, but they didn't. That in itself makes me especially pleased that they trusted me. Here is a note I recently received from Karen which I opened first thing in the morning. " My most emotional time of day" Thank you Karen , it means the world to me that Max is bringing you and your family the joy and the proudness that can only happen when the love is so true as yours is for your Max!!!

Hi Veronica and Lyn:

Sorry I didn’t send you the picture of Max sooner. Here it is. The kids wanted to try to take the same shot as the day he arrived. He didn’t like his hat too much. I just shared your post on Facebook. Everyone loves Max and wonders where he came from. He is such a loveable puppy and very calm, unless there is a cat or food involved. I still take him to school everyday. All the kids know him and come to pet him. He just lays in my arms and takes it all in. My friend has a daughter with Downs. The highlight of her day is seeing Max. She loves to hold him. He licks her to death and doesn’t stop until I take him back from her. Her parents bought her a puppy after seeing the interaction between them but she doesn’t lick Maisie like Max. Stella nips at her instead.

Karen & Tony and Family

Letter from Dexters Mom and Dad

 Hi Ronnie

I finally have a few min to spare to write about Dexter. He was just operated recently -we had him "Fixed" poor little guy. He has just barely got  his little "Berries" and now they're gone . He is doing great!!!! and he is BIG-he already weights 13.5 lbs. and he hasn't grown into his front paws yet. He is an absolute STUNNER in the looks department and his fur is out of this world!!!

I want you to know that he is AMAZING!!!!! in every sense of the word -he is a little person I swear to GOD!!!!

He is the smartest dog we've have ever seen_he talks to us galore and has the most upbeat and postive personality!!! And he loves watching TV!!!!

I will forward some pics soon.

We've nicknamed him "HOUDINI" because he steals things and makes them dissappear, into his little house.

And he is pretty good at disappearing himself when you are not looking.

He is also a great watchdog!!

I just want you to know you did a great job at breeding him- you and Lyn and your babies are simply amazing!! He is really a mix of Freddie and Sassy both, in looks and in his temperment- He is a clown!!!!

I hope you are all well!!!


Bear/ Fergus as a puppy and 6 months old.

Hi Veronica

Just wanted to let you know the boys are doing great!!! We have re-named them Red is now Harley and Bear is Fergus, they are coming to their new names already.

They have been busy having vistors , as well as out to visit. And to the truckstop to meet my buds. We are busy so they snooze every chance they get.

Just wanted to let to you , you can relax!!!!


Red/Harley as a Puppy, and at 6 months old

Minni/ Sophie. As a puppy and with her new family at about 6 months old.

Hi Veronica

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how wonderfully we are doing!! Sophie is such a wonderful new addition to our family!!! She has really come out of her shell. She plays with Emma, our Golden she really warmed up to the kids and they love her dearly as we do. Everyone who has ever seen her thinks she is just the most precious little Shih Tzu ever!!!

She loves to be brushed and fawned over and dosen't even mind having her nails clipped. However she dosen't care too much for Mommy washing her face and putting elastics in her hair. I do this daily and with time she will become accustomed to it. I am sure.

We just lover her to pieces, and I am amazed at how much the two dogs love each other, they cuddle up and nap all the time. They sleep together each night in a large crate . It is so cute!!!

Boy!!! Can she " Saw Wood" I h ave never heard a dog snore before!!!.

We just laughed to kill ourselves the first time we heard her. She sounded like a grown man!!!

We have Sophie booked to be spayed. I just hate to see such a little thing go through it, but it is better for her and us in the long run.

When she wakes up we will have lots of cuddles for her.

We just wanted to update  you on how she is doing, she blended right in, just like she has always been here.

Thanks again for trusting us with one of your Little Angels. You guys do a wonderful job with your dogs, they already come pre-spoiled and loved.

 Thanks Again

Melissa, Steve, Brody, Carter . Emma and Sophie.

Minnie/Sophie One year update.

Hey Veronica,
How are things with you Lyn and all your lovely fur babies?  I see Sebastian has finally learned to do the "deed", or maybe, things were done artificially.  Either way, good for him, he will make beautiful puppies I'm sure.  I just wanted to update you on our baby girl, Sophie.  She's one already!!!  I can't believe how fast time fly's.  I hate to brag but isn't she just the most beautiful little shih tzu you ever laid eyes upon?  I think she looks a lot like her Mom, Sassy. Sassy and Freddie are gorgeous dogs.  She is very attached to her Mom, she loves to snuggle with me on the sofa, she will sit right up on my lap, almost upright like a child.... what a little baby she is.  She is not a barker at all, we wouldn't allow nonsense barking, and she's friendly with all who meets her.  She has admirers where ever she goes.  People aren't used to seeing a shih tzu actually look like a "real" shih tzu.  Again Veronica, I've said this many times, we are so thankful to have found you and our little girl.  It's nice to see a breeder that actually cares about their puppies, and what homes they are going to.  I believe that Sophie's stable, calm nature comes from staying with her Mom and litter mates longer than a lot of puppies do.  Sadly, so many puppies are pushed out the door by 6 wks. old and they are missing important lessons from Mom. Thanks for all that you do for Shih tzu's. Take care!
Melissa P.


Sophie's Birthday Pic's One year!!!

Sophie's Family love to keep her coat long and really this is really what a Shih Tzu can look like . When you take the time !!!

Thank you for this lovely photo of Sophie.