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Our waiting list.

I have a waiting list for all our puppies. I like having a waiting list as this ensures me that not only do our families want one of our puppies, but are patient enough to wait. A waiting list , as well tells  me that people are serious about this part of their lives they have chosen to embark on, and this is not a wim and afterthought.

I know who is due for their heats, and approximately when that will happen, but as I have stated on my site" It's up to the girls" Dogs cycle twice a year, and it's not always every six months, that is an aprox estimate. Some go into heat sooner , some later. So patients is a must.

I do not breed my girls unless I have at least 4 names on that girls list. I never assume there will be more than 4 puppies actually sometimes because Shih Tzu are small dogs they will have less. If that is the case your name gets put on the list for the next available girl who's list is not full.

Sometimes there are more than 4 puppies, and that is when you will see. Puppies available. If you end up on that list because a spot became available " I expect you to play fair " Let me know if it's a girl or a boy your waiting for, someone else may not have got the boy or girl they were hoping for and if I happen to have litters born close together and there is an extra one or two, then it seems fair to try and see if I can try to make everyone in the end happy.

If you do not play fair and I have asked you to let me know what your puppy of choice is a boy or girl and you tell me to wait, till the people before you pick their puppy???  Leaving other families in limbo who could just go else where I am sorry, you will be removed from the list and your deposit forfeited . I am not asking you to pick your puppy, I am asking is it a boy your getting??? Or is it a girl??? Many families take weeks before they choose their puppy, they want to see their eyes open, they want to see them develop and that seems fair enough, but I do want to know, if it's a girl or boy you want. And that is my right as a breeder who have other families who might be waiting.

Deciding to be placed on a waiting list for a special friend takes patience , many of our families have waited for a year , sometimes more  in the end we never know if the Mom will have the boy or girl you wanted, and if it turns out you did not get the puppy you were waiting for that can be disappointing but I promise to do what ever it takes to make it happen for you, by doing my best to work with the other families , if in the end you do not get the puppy you wanted you will be put on the next list where you will be #1 to pick which still does not guarantee your choice if all girls or all boys are born. And I as the breeder always get first pick if I should decide to keep one regardless of where anyone is on that list. That is why communicating with me so we both are on the same page is important. In the end, all that matters to me is that you " My puppy families " are happy and our puppies end up with wonderful families. 

In the end " Play fair, work together so that no one is left heart broken and feeling they lost out"

Being placed on the waiting list in no way guarantees you a  puppy , staying on the list and getting a beautiful puppy is all up to you and your cooperation , not just with me, but with working with the other families who also are on that list. We are all interested in one thing, and that is a puppy going to the best home possible.