ChipandDale Shih Tzu 

Loving, smart and georgeous small breed Dogs

This is what your puppy comes with:

  • Vet records/Health check
  • 3-4 dewormings
  • CKC Registration
  • First Puppy Vaccine
  • Microchipped for identification 
  • 6 wee
  • ks of Trial Pet Insurance valued at $1000 
  • Puppy Gift Pack which includes a few little treats, sample food the puppies are being fed, a little blanket and your booklet which will hold all your information such as Vet certificate, insurance information, microchip company information, your contract, your Health guaratee and a little toy.
  • And no I do not treat for fleas " Why " ??? because why put a chemical on a little puppy that does not have fleas. " We have never experienced fleas here and hope never to have this issue.
  • 5 Year health Guarantee
  • ​Lifetime Support 
  • ​Your puppy gets regular bum washes , etc and face washes etc, but before every puppy leaves they get a full bath, their faces around their eyes trimmed, bum area trimmed, feet and nails trimmed. Its up to you to continue regular grooming so by the time your puppy is ready for his or her first full groom, they will take it well and enjoy being brought to the groomers. And your groomer will love you for teaching your puppy before hand, that this is a fun time, not a scary time. Shih Tzu need regular grooming, its important to their health to be free of matts and eye goop and hair to the point they can't see, it's important to keep that trimmed, even if you should decide on letting your puppy end up with a full coat as an adult.

Standard Shih Tzu between 9 and 17 lbs as an adult. 

Our Pricing  for CKC registered puppies: 1,800  for  Male or  Female. This includes a full check up by our Wonderful Vet at Home Town Vet in Fredericton. Health Certificate included.  worming, first vaccination , micro-chip ,  and 5 year Health Guarantee. As well as 6 weeks of insurance .

 Unregistered Shih Tzu are priced at 1,800dollars wormed and 5 year Health Guarantee, 1st set of shots and are micro-chipped . as well as 6 weeks of insurance.

Our pricing and the 5 year health guarantee reflects the quality of our ShihTzu as well as the 5 year Health guarantee I offer reflects how confident I am regarding our dogs health. "  These prices are comparable to  other quality Shih Tzu breeders. 

We may not show our Shih Tzu but they come from wonderful breeders before us who are well known all over the world. Our lines are Beswick, Falling Star, and Winterhomes , these same lines have been bred back to our un-registered Shih Tzu   Chip and Dale were never registered, and  I kept several of  their offspring. I feel as confident about their breeding as I do my CKC Registered Shih Tzu.

All our puppies are sold on a non-breeding agreement. 

I am here for you for the life of your pet. 

 Deposit: 500 dollars, balance to be paid when you come for your puppy, or we can work around payments to the right family. The deposit is  non-refundable as with most breeders accepted through e-mail money transfer. If I accept a deposit from you " This means to me You are serious" And I take your deposit as such. NO REFUNDS!! You will also receive immediately on me accepting your deposit a copy of the transaction for your records.

" Standard weight 3lbs and 3 and a half lbs is the norm for puppies leaving at 8 weeks. 1.8 kg. 1.6 kg or 1.5 kgs. .3lbs and over. 

If you are on a list for a standard Shih Tzu puppy, and it turns out that the puppy you choose turns out to be a ? Tiny? or as many breeders call them ? Tea Cup? or ? Imperial?


I do not breed for ?Tea Cups or Imperials? but they sometimes happen in a litter of Standard Shih Tzu puppies, and you can?t really tell until close to the time of leaving, this happens as the other puppies surpass them in size.  You can?t tell by anything else because they are just the same as far as playfulness, eating habits etc.


If a family is on a list for a standard puppy and they ended up picking a ?Tea Cup? or Imperial puppy?

That puppy will not go for the normal vaccinations along with the other puppies, if that puppy has not reached at least 2 lbs.

Normal weight of an 8 week old Shih Tzu puppy even ones that may just be in the small end of the Standard will be at least 2 and a half lbs, most they are closer to 3lbs.


If you have picked one of the ones who don?t fit the standard at the time of Set Vet appointment and have to be held back, till appropriate weight. You will be either offered a puppy from our next available standard litter, or you will have the opportunity to purchase the puppy at the rate for ? Tinys? As listed in the rate for Tinys.


Non registered Tinys  2000  CKC Registered Tinys  2,500


If you have opted to purchase that puppy at the extra fee and that puppy at a year old turns out to be the standard weight; the standard weight for a Shih Tzu is between 9lbs and 16 lbs, the fee that you paid extra will be refunded to you.  ?Vet note with weight at that time will be needed

These weight examples are of 8 week old Shih Tzu puppies.

 1.25 pounds 5.5 to 7 pounds 

1.5 pounds 6 - 7.5 pounds 

1.75 pounds 7 - 8 pounds 

2.0 pounds 8 - 9.5 pounds 

2.25 pounds 9 - 10.5 punds  

2.5 pounds 9 - 11 pounds 

2.75 pounds 11 - 14 pounds 

3.0 pounds 12 - 15 pounds 

3.25 pounds 13 - 16 punds 

3.5 pounds 14 - 16 pounds 

3.75 pounds 15 - 17 pounds 

4.0 puunds 16 - 18 pounds 

 Money orders will  be accepted , but this has to be first agreed between you and I.

No checks.

Once I receive your deposit I expect your full name , address and phone # sent to me with Postal Code , so I can contact you if there is a computer problem as well as so I have the information for filling out your contract and Registration , micro-chip information etc.

Puppy of your choice comes in the order in which I receive that deposit. State which Mom your interested in and your puppy preference , Male??? Female?? Breeder always gets first pick" If I should so decide to keep one.  You will also get weeky updates and photos. I love doing this because I know too well what waiting for your baby feels like. I love to see them grow and I love seeing how they change. So yes, you will see it too.

I do not feel considering the cost of Registration ,,microchips , needles and the care involved in raisning little puppies that this price is too much .

Both our CKC registered Shih Tzu Puppies , and non registered puppies come with a  5 year Guarantee. I never used to let my puppies go until they had all their shots but that also made them a bit older than most people wanted in a puppy. So I am being a bit more understanding of that , and am willing to let them go sooner. 

There is also a return policy with any of my puppies, or dogs. If things don't work out I will refund your money as long as the puppy is young enough to re-home.  I will take back older dogs , because I would much rather see them here with their friends and family they know than in the pound, but they will not be re-homed so no refunds on older dogs. 

Pet Place a good place to connect and learn about all Breeds.

Play time all year !!!

ChipandDaleShihTzu's is Located in Beautiful New Brunswick Canada

We didn't plan to buy " 100 Acres under the Stars"

Moving back home to N.B happened after 8 years of trying to get my health better. Realizing I would never work again I decided to come home.

Once I  knew I was coming home I looked for a place that would be safe and fun for my dogs.

I also thought that since I could not work there was nothing stopping me from having an occasional litter of puppies, and maybe keeping one once in awhile for myself. So far I have 13 little ones that are my " Pets First" .

More wonderful photos.

Now wheater you realize it or not.

This is a happy Shih Tzu. Seems no matter

How much you clean and make pretty within no

time at all this is what makes a ShihTzu happy.

Other than all the fuss that goes on when they

have just had their bath, Oh and they like to be fussed

over, which they all  love . And to show off afterwards.

But getting dirty seems to be their passion. 

And they don't seem to care if its mud from digging up the garden, or running to see the beavers in the Pond and coming back full of burdocks and soaked to the bone.None of my dogs look like show dogs , but then again if I wanted to show dogs thier life would be totally different. Being an X German Shepard woman, I have always treated my little guys the same way I would any big dog. They have had the run of the property most of the time and they are expected to do their business outside like dogs do. Rain or shine" Oh and most ShihTzu's do hate the rain."

Travel /Shipping is available

We have so many wonderful families right here in the Maritimes that I have decided no more shipping. I used to ship to N.F.L. but there are no direct flights from here. So no shipping at all .  

Maritime Travel Arrangments.

I am not against going for a nice Sunday drive once in awhile. But I would ask that if we help make arrangemets for a puppy that your not  offended by me wanting a bit of gas money.

I am located 20 min outside Chipman New Brunswick

I prefer to meet people who are wanting one of our babies, so I do my best to try not to let this fixer upper we purchased bother me too much. We fell in love with the spot, not the house, but are trying hard to make it all work. So please come and meet us and all our family.