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One Tiny lavender unregistered boy available. Born 14June 22, Vet appoitment made for the 9th of Aug 2022

Occasionally we have Tiny Shih Tzu, ones that are no more than 2lbs by the time they are 8 weeks old. These little Shih Tzu do not leave until they have been Vet checked and evaluated they will get  their 1st set of shots " our protocol is " 1/2 shots .  

This little girl born to our unregistered girl Penny on Jan the 9th,2021 looks like she may turn out to be a tiny . She won't go to the Vet appoitment with the rest of the litter if she does not reach at least 2 and a half lbs, which means she may be available to the right home as a Tiny girl. 

Pricing for the smaller Shih Tzu  2000  for non registered and 3000 for CKC Registered., If at 8 weeks the puppy does not reach a normal 8 week old Standard Shih Tzu weight of 3lbs or over, they will be considered on the small end. Below is a estimate of Shih Tzu weights at 8 weeks and their estimated adult weights. No weights can be guaranteed.

This beautiful little girl as of her Vet visit on the 17th of April at 10 and a half weeks old was 1.8lbs. Her estimated adult weight will be between 3 and 4lbs as an adult.

I have named her Itzi Bitzi, she is has found the perfect home. She has had her 1st shots , totally checked out by our loving vet at home town Vet in Fredericton. She has also been microchiped.  Itzi is CKC registered. Her Dad is our ChipandDales Brown Sugar and her Mom is our Bronsons Mariah. Born on the 3rd of Feb, 2018.

 Weights of Shih Tzu puppies estimated  weight average from 8 weeks to adult estimate. 

1.25 pounds 5.5 to 7 pounds 
1.5 pounds 6 - 7.5 pounds 
1.75 pounds 7 - 8 pounds 
2.0 pounds 8 - 9.5 pounds 

2.25 pounds 9 - 10.5 punds  
2.5 pounds 9 - 11 pounds 
2.75 pounds 11 - 14 pounds 
3.0 pounds 12 - 15 pounds 
3.25 pounds 13 - 16 punds 
3.5 pounds 14 - 16 pounds 
3.75 pounds 15 - 17 pounds 
4.0 puunds 16 - 18 pounds 

Meet J.J. Our future Tiny stud 

Summer 2018 planned breeding.