ChipandDale Shih Tzu 

Loving, smart and georgeous small breed Dogs

Meeting us, and meeting our family!!!

It is the law in New Brunswick to have a kennel license if you breed. This means even one litter a year .We only breed a couple litters a year and we only breed Shih Tzu. 

We are not a kennel the dogs are not my business, they are my love they  are my joy, and my life. When I first brought Chip and Dale home and then subsequently went out and got our first little girl Lulu, there was no intention on breeding. " But as life happens our first litter was an accidental breeding, Lulu was 2 and a half years old, and I just loved the puppies" The house was full of puppy smells and I found that this was something I would love to do once in awhile, so we ended up here in New Brunswick from Ontario because the law stated what if we had more than 5 dogs we had to have a kennel licence if we bred  .  In Ontario we were only allowed to have 3 dogs, so when I kept my first puppy from Lulu's litter, that meant, it was time to find somewhere to live where I could have more than 3 dogs and could breed this beautiful little dog for others like myself who just love this wonderful little dog.  " We found that here in New Brunswick" 

I am though a Morgan Horse breeder. I breed rare bloodlines of Morgan Horses, horses that if not bred will loose their heritage to the original Morgan Horse " Figure" our lines trace back to him, through his breeder " Justin Morgan.

 Because this is a Morgan Horse Farm first, it means I am very busy and when you call and want to show up to meet me and our dogs it means I have to make that time from my already busy day just to see if you approve me.

Well I also have to approve you. No one gets an application unless we have chatted several times as part of my interview process. Both through e-mails and the phone. 

If you want to meet the Moms and Dads after I have shared all the photos of them with you, and inspect me and my home to make sure " I am not a puppy Mill" you are more than welcome to come and visit " If I have a litter of puppies for you to see and if you have first been approved for a puppy. You will not only get to meet the Mom and Dad but all our Shih Tzu, because I also do not part with any of my older dogs, they stay with us for life. " That is what families do.  Our meeting then, will also be the final part of our interview process.

If you have been approved and placed on a list for an upcoming litter to be born, that means we have shared many e-mails and we have chatted lots, which also means, we have bonded and we will continue to stay in touch from the day the puppies are born , up until way after you take your puppy home. We would have shared photos and e-mails and we would have talked about puppy foods , crate training, vaccinations etc. We by this time would have covered pretty much everything a pre-approved family will want to know as well as me the breeder needs to know. So the big day when you come and get your puppy I will make arrangements for my hubby to be here which would usually be on a weekend because he works full time,  this is  so I can sit and chat with you for the final interview  process and  paper work which will need to be signed and filled out.  I don't like to see the puppies all leave the same day, but once they have had their shots and I have had them a few extra days to make sure there are no reactions, the leaving process begins, and they do not leave all in the same day.